Why I went Digital....

Why I went Digital.....

     I have always enjoyed paper planning, but gave up on it many times over the years. Why did I give up? I gave up because if I made one tiny mistake the entire book was ruined in my opinion. I could not stand the way it would look because all I could see was the mistake. Why not erase it? Eraser leaves marks. Smudgy little dirty finger marks. Why not use whiteout? Well, that is an option if you do not mind all the whiteout marks that are clearly visible on your page.

     Fast forward a year and I stumbled across bullet journaling. I was board and scrolling through Pinterest and found these cute little spreads. I immediately grabbed a book and started. It was easier to hide mistakes with all the cool washi tape and stickers. However, one day scrolling I saw a digital bullet journal. I am a digital junkie! I had to know more about this amazing idea.

     I searched Facebook and the internet and found a lot of groups about digital planning. I was having a hard time figuring out how to do it on an Android system. It was definitely more difficult. One day, I find a group called Everyday Digital Planners. I joined for sure! It was a very active group. After getting into this group I realized something. This group was full of amazing people more than willing to help me. I found easier ways to plan on Android, but I still wanted to be able to use the cool programs the other girls we're using.

    Insert my trip to Verizon for my new Apple iPad Pro. Wow!!!!!!! I found it so much easier. I became obsessed with planning and creating. Creating! Yes, I said creating. I could make my own spreads that worked for me. After playing around some more I dabbled in making my own stickers and layouts. So much fun! It is absolutely amazing. Only one thing really bummed me out personally.

     There were very few designers for my lifestyle. Yes, all the other general stickers are fabulous. However, I wanted some stickers to document my beliefs and holidays. That is where I decided to open an Etsy shop to create for like minded people seeking the same thing I was.

     This is why I went digital. This is why I am now on my adventure of starting a small business as a creator for Digital Planning.