Introducing the "Grimoire Planner"

Wow! Has this been a journey. After taking classes and many hours of sitting in front of my Mac. I have finally done it. This is the first three being release of many. I am so proud.

In the future more color themes will be released. As well as additional layouts. I will also be coming out with separate kits that will touch base with all the different elements and aspects of Paganism. To name a few for example will be sections for Herbs. I am thinking about introducing these in a set of 10. Each set will have different herbs. Different visual clip art to help identify the herb as well as important information for use. These kits will also start coming out for other areas. Not just herbs.  I am so excited to continue on this journey.

For the start I have included Tabs at the top of the planner that serve as the Grimoire. There are also 12 tabs on the left hand side to put the extra kits in or whatever you choose. The tabs included are Tarot, Oracle, Astrology, Esbats, and Sabbats. Ever wanted to learn the basics of Astrology and dive into your Natal Chart? I got you covered. There are also some pre-made spreads for Tarot and Oracle. As well as room to design your own.

Check out the Shop tab for links to these items for purchase. Also, find some pretty awesome Halloween and Pagan themed sticker sets.