New Washi and Matching Washi

Blood Red Washi

This blood red washi is in a Goth style. This washi set is absolutely gorgeous with lots of different elements within the washi itself. There are skulls, moons, bats, glowing centerpieces, roses, and corsets.

Transparent Foil Washi

This set is an absolute must have in my opinion. Anything see through for layering is a must have in my layouts. Lots of rainbow foil colors with different elements. Some elements included are flowers, diamonds, stars, dots, and filligrees.

New You 2020 Washi

This washi set matches the last Monday's sticker set release. I am loving the new look of the layering washi over glitter. It definitely gives it a pop. Click the Etsy link at the top of the page to see in store.