What is Lunar Mystic Shop?

Lunar Mystic Shop is a creative digital illustration brand developed by myself. Hi, i'm Amber and work from home on this part-time passion of mine hoping to make full-time in Northern Iowa. I take risks and go for anything I am passionate about. This blog will mostly center around my journey into Digital Planning and the products my shop offers. There will be lots of fun extras added. Tutorials, freebies, contests......you get the idea.

One late restless night. Oh, the restless nights full of moon energy. I stumbled upon digital planning on Facebook. I was instantly intrigued and wanted in on the action. It was so much fun to be able to have sticker kits for any occasion. No worries about mistakes, it's digital! Press the back button and do over. Endless mulligans! YYYYAAAASSSS. I do not care to admit how many planners and bujos I have thrown away due to one tiny mistake.
One problem I ran into. I am Pagan and live a lifestyle of everything witch. There are some sticker kits out there for digital planning, but not many. Insert my "ah-ha" moment. I will open a sticker shop for people like me looking and seeking.
That quickly spread to a Digital Grimoire, Spell Book, Book of Shadows, Tarot Trackers and so on. I am in the process of designing many of these. My shop just started and I am learning as I go.
You will also find some posts on everything Pagan as informational posts as well. If any of this excites you or you just need another tribe member. Follow my journey! If you click on the title of this post it will transfer you to the magical home of my Etsy shop.
I strongly believe in creating a life you love and spreading positive vibes.