Lunar Bingo • Wanna Play?

Welcome to Lunar Bingo!! I bet you are wondering what Lunar Bingo is? Well I am going to tell you!

Ever since I was a kid I have been going to Bingo with my Mom and Grandma. They were always fond memories and something I hold dear. So with all the challenges out there I thought it would be fun to play Bingo! Winner gets a $15.00 shop credit to my Etsy Shop.

Here is how it will work:

On June 1st I will post a list of placements and keywords. The keywords will be things you have to search for in the Digital Community that relate to that word. Take a picture or screenshot of that post or sticker and put it into the correct spot on your card. The cards numbers will simply be a grid. L,U,N,A, and R are at the top. On the left side going down are numbers 1 through 5. The following is an example of a clue.

R2 = Something Slimy

You will have a week to find all of the first selections without being bombarded. Week 2, which will start June 8th will release the rest of the clues. You then have that week to find all the clues for the card. Once you get a blackout you can send me the card via direct message through instagram. Make sure to tag me in your completed card. All will be due June 15th. All winners will go through a random generator and a winner will be crowned.

Game Schedule:

June 1st: 15 clues

June 8th: 10 Clues

Bingo's Due: June 15th
Winner Chosen and Announced: June 16th

May 2020 Winner: Genevieve Mazer